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What People Are Saying

These clients' words speak for themselves.

“Undoubtedly one of the most talented content professionals I’ve ever worked with. Sarah has a natural ability to take the complex communication needs of a team, function, or campaign and create a cohesive communication plan that drives to clear and specific business outcomes. This strength, along with her ability to quickly establish trust and rapport, is why she is often sought out by leaders for support.”

Diane Parks

“Prompt, imaginative, with work beyond expectations. She fully understands the brand and the industry and can create something new and appealing out of little information. I can ask her anything and she is always there to give expert advice. We live in different continents, but she’s always only a quick email away.”

Ruri Funakoshi
KOSE Beauty Corporation

“A PR firm’s dream come true:
lightning fast, incomparably creative,
top-notch writing, finely attuned to
creative direction, and responsive to
clients’ needs.”

Elaine Marshall
Empowered PR

“We have brought dozens of clients and they have all walked away completely elated with the level of creativity and professionalism.”

Tracy Bradley
JeTT Media Group

“Sarah has the unique skill of bringing clarity and accessibility to complex concepts, while tailoring the content to the specific audience and communications channel. Sarah writes with the reader in mind, keeping the unique value proposition top of mind.”

Lindsay Ward

“One of those few, extraordinarily multi-talented people, who is not just smart, but ambitious, fair-minded, creative, tireless, and inquisitive. Sarah constantly seeks to do better in every area of her life, expecting excellence and demonstrating it to those who work with her.”

Brandon Roberts
Real Estate Broker

“Work ethic is without comparison. Fair, thorough, punctual, razor sharp, and an inspiration to all who dare dream...and want to make it happen.”

Saskia Vogel
Dialogue Berlin

“Ask Sarah for help: that's my advice to any colleague who needs to craft a message that is perfectly tailored for the occasion and the target audience. Her writing makes complex ideas understandable, and consistently elicits the desired response. Sarah is one of the best communications professionals I've ever worked with.”

Diane Mayer

“Understands immediately the scope of the work to be done! Her ability to know quickly what is needed as well as partnering on creative solutions is wonderful. Need a great writing partner who knows the value of both strategic and creative? Sarah is the one to call. She takes a complex situation, boiling it down to simple and thoughtful expressions.”

Paula Brown
Artist and Graphic Designer

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